Lease Option Explained

For anyone interested in investing in commercial real property, the investment resource known as the immobilier locatif is one valuable source of advice and assistance. Real estate investing, as with other types of investing, involves the purchasing, holding, and improvement of commercial property as a whole for profit. Commercial real property refers to any real property which is used primarily for business purposes (including retail and office buildings). Real estate development as a separate sub-speciality of commercial real property is considered a niche within commercial real property investment strategy. This specialized area encompasses many types of real estate including apartment buildings, townhouses, row homes, condominiums, commercial manufacturing and warehouses, and vacant land that is not developed.

immobilier locatif

immobilier locatif is a French term which is used to refer to an apartment building and is often used in conjunction with investissement immobilitaire. “immobilitaire” means “without a lease.” The immobilitaire or de lease option is a lease option agreement between a buyer and seller which provide the buyer the right to purchase the apartment building at the end of the lease period with full payment of all expenses (including taxes and utilities) still owed by the former owner. When investing in apartments, it is often very difficult to find investors who are willing to invest in properties without any lease option. This is where the immobilitaire can prove to be useful and is often the only way to invest in apartments without having to worry about paying rent while you work to recoup your investment at the end of the lease period.

In order to qualify for the investissement immobilitaire, the lease agreement between the buyer and seller must state that the buyer is entitled to “the right to lease the property for an agreed period of years and the payment of the taxes and charges in the event that the occupancy is not guaranteed by the government.” The lease must also have a clause which states that the lessee has a lease agreement with the right to withdraw from the lease at any time without penalty. If the lessee decides to exercise his option to withdraw, the payment of all lease expenses will be stopped and all penalties will be refunded. Once the occupant has exercised his option to withdraw, the ownership of the apartment will revert back to the seller.